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Hospice for Adults

The decision to begin hospice care can often be challenging for families, but hospice has long been considered the premier choice for compassionate care at the end of life. Hospice seeks to empower the patient to carry on an alert and pain free life, promote dignity, and maximize the quality of life. Hospice honors the spirit of each person, and focuses on LIVING rather than dying. 

All of CECE Hospice’s services include care from an interdisciplinary team of health experts, including nurses, physicians, hospice aides, social workers, and spiritual care providers. This team works together to provide patients with coordinated, personalized care that addresses their unique needs and preferences. The hospice team works hand-in-hand with family caregivers and hospice volunteers as well.

Hospice services include:

  • Pain control & symptom management
  • Medications & equipment
  • Assistance with personal care
  • Caregiver training & coordination of resources
  • Emotional & spiritual support
  • Volunteer assistance as desired

Pediatric Hospice

Family-centered program for children with progressive, life-limiting conditions. It focuses on enabling children to continue living at home, in a comfortable place where they are surrounded by the people, pets, and environment that brings them security and joy.

Each child and family has a team of pediatric professionals that works together with the family and their physician to control their child’s pain and symptoms, while keeping them as alert as possible to enjoy each day with their loved ones. Services provided:

  • Coordinated care from an expert team, including physicians, nurses, aides, a social worker, therapists, dietician, and trained volunteers
  • 24-hour, on-call availability of hospice staff
  • Home visits that are flexible and individualised
  • Assistance with obtaining medications, medical supplies, and equipment
  • Emotional and spiritual support for patients, family, and others who are meaningful in the child’s life
  • Extended counselling and grief support
  • Inpatient Care Center for respite and symptom management

Grief Care

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things you can go through. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, or when you just need someone to talk openly with, our Grief Care team is here to help. Our social workers can provide that listening ear, and help you to understand and cope with the range of emotions that grief can bring.


One-on-one counseling: Grief support, education, and counseling are offered to assist in coping with the death of a loved one. While feelings of grief are normal, handling them can be difficult and painful. Talking about what you are going through can help. 

Grief Support Groups: Support groups allow individuals the opportunity to learn about the grief process while benefiting from talking with or hearing from others who are facing a similar journey.