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Comfort, relief, and peace of mind

We believe hospice care can be something more

What Is Hospice Care?

Hospice care is a special kind of care that does not try to cure a terminal illness or prevent it from getting worse.

Instead, hospice care gives people nearing the end of life the medical care, emotional support, and spiritual care they need to make their last months as comfortable and meaningful as possible. It also helps caregivers feel confident about what to do and what to expect through their loved one’s illness and beyond.

Having our expert doctors, nurses, home health aides, social workers, and spiritual care and bereavement counselors available means you don’t ever have to feel alone.

Why Choose CECE Hospice?

Why should you choose CECE Hospice? At CECE Hospice, we build a consistent care team for each patient as well as their family.

This unique patient-centered approach has successfully resulted in a higher level of familiarity, care, and comfort for our patients, and it’s the reason why we are the preferred provider for so many families across Houston.

We strive to be exceptional partners in care with a focus on an individual’s unique needs.

Our Compassionate Team

All of us are proud to be able to make our patients and their families as physically, spiritually and emotionally comfortable as possible.

We appreciate the privilege of caring for those most in need of our care, at a most difficult time of their lives. We are well aware we have only one chance to do this right.

The best care for your loved one starts with the right experts. At CECE Hospice, we have the care teams, the skills, and the sensitivity to meet your family’s needs — no matter where you are in your home care journey.


One of the most frequent comments we hear is: I wish I'd known about hospice sooner.

Whether you're ready to begin hospice care for yourself or a loved one - or whether you're looking for answers about how hospice can help your family, our Referral Center is here to help guide you.

You can contact our Referral Center at [713] 517 - 4492, or complete the form below to get started.

Note: Submitting this form does not constitute a contract for hospice care. You are under no obligation to initiate services.